CEMAC Buyer’s Permit

As earlier explained on our Professional Assistance page, we are ready to give you all the help you need so that purchasing gold from Africa becomes an exciting experience and not just another boring and stressful business venture. We also explained that you will certainly benefit much from the one-on-one professional assistance we provide because the process of buying gold from Africa is not the same as in other countries. Where such assistance perfectly comes in handy is in the acquisition of a CEMAC Buyer’s Permit.

We can enable you get the CEMAC Buyer’s Permit and become and approved buyer of minerals in Cameroon

A Cemac Buyer’s Permit is required for anyone looking forward to buying Gold, Diamon or other valuable minerals from any CEMAC Country. This includes Cameroon. Buyers currently residing in Cameroon can apply for a Cemac Buyer’s Permit in person at the Ministry of Mines, Industries and Technological Development at the Ministerial Building, Yaounde. If you are not currently in Cameroon, obtaining the Cemac Buyer’s Permit won’t be a problem at all since you can do it directly online. The Cemac Buyer’s Permit is valid for a period of five (5) years

The primary purpose of the Cemac Buyer’s Permit issued by the Ministry of Mines is to authenticate the buyer and give him/her the legal right to purchase gold and other minerals in Cameroon. No authorised seller is permitted to sell to anyone who does not hold a valid Cemac Buyer’s Permit.

Ready to proceed with securing a CEMAC Buyer’s permit?

First things first. Please download the Cemac Buyer’s Permit Application Form from the official website of the Ministry of Mines and Technological Development. Fill the form and send to us for review and guidance before proceeding with the application.